Saturday, January 20, 2018

A New Year Is Underway

What will this year mean to you?

I hope it means a time of building for you, building your dreams, making them realities, learning new things, enjoying relationships with good people who care about you.

I hope every day brings you some opportunity, however big or small, to make something better in your life, your home, your work, or your environment.  I hope you take those opportunities.

I have been enjoying a good year so far -- opening to dreams, making productive changes in business and life, and learning -- always learning.

I have continued keeping my resolution that I made at the end of 2015, and it continues to benefit my life daily.  As a result, I deal with far less hassles and am able to be far more productive, more focused, and do better overall.  And I am just happier.  Yes.  I still have health concerns and will be seeing a new specialist soon, but even that is much less a burden now that I don't need to wade through other peoples' muck to take care of my own health and well being.

And I am in love -- Yup!  There was a time following the end of my marriage when I was sure I was done with the whole love thing, just did not want to go through the loss, the pain, and the rebuilding again.  Also, at my age, I pretty much thought love was not going to happen.  But the delightful surprise is that it has.  I have been seeing a wonderful man since October, and we get along very well.  I have been keeping things kind of low key in that I have not told very many people, and I am not sure if I will change that.  Unfortunately, a couple of people were so extremely rude and behaved in such a toxic way over my former marriage and the marriage ending that I know for sure I will never make the mistake of exposing myself to any repeat performance of that.  Their behavior over something that did not affect them and was not their business was frankly bizarre to say the least.

So yes, looks like 2018 will have some great times and some roller coaster times in store.  And I look forward to every day because it is my life and how it unfolds is interesting to me.

Hoping life provides you lots of joy and great learning experiences this year.  Peace.

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Sad Truth

Part of growing, maturing, and overcoming obstacles is recognizing that there are people out there who do NOT wish you well, even if they say they love you, who do damage to you, who kick you when you are down.  Part of reclaiming your own life, part of achieving success, part of getting well, is to be willing to really know what experience has taught you and to move on and move away from these  people.  It is NOT an act of love to allow someone to abuse you over and over, to gossip about you, to do damage to you, and to never apologize or change their behavior toward you.  Allowing that has nothing to do with love.  So move on, care for yourself, and let them handle their own stuff.  If they are lucky, life will be able to get through to them and teach them about being better and doing better.  If not, well then, they still have their stuff to deal with, and none of it is yours to handle.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Short Update

Round One of Healing Treatments 

was over on August 31.  I am on a break of sorts until after the 18th of September.  I am doing well, getting good reports back and getting good and useful feedback.  I like my care team very much.  They are trustworthy people, and that is a quality that in the larger world has been all too rare.  I am doing my work, my part of my healing -- every day.  One of my care team members tells me that is not something they see a lot with patients, so I am something of an anomaly -- a good anomaly.  She said a lot of people never do their part in their own healing; they want the easy way, which does not exist.

I was running some errands a couple weeks back and came across this lovely collection of flowers in  a sidewalk garden, so I thought I would share it.  Of course, I love that there is purple in it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Sweetheart


2003 - 2017

My little ballerina

My Tiny Dancer

My snuggler

My joy

My heart's treasure

Waiting for me

Beyond the veil.

My darling little friend left this realm on August 1.  It took me a long time to be able to post anything about it so publicly.  I feel the loss every day.  

She had a sudden and very severe asthma attack, and some of the nodes in her lungs collapsed.  Since she was struggling so much to breathe, I decided I would only give it one day to see if she would respond to medication.  I do not believe in making an animal suffer, so I set the one-day limit while trying to give the medication a chance to work.

Sara had a similar episode a year ago and the medication worked that time, so I needed to at least try it for one day to see if there was any improvement.  Sadly, there was no improvement, so I knew I had to have her euthanized.  After the episode last year when I took Sara to the vet twice to run tests and do follow-up (when it took them forever to figure out she had asthma), I made a promise to her that if she were ever in such dire condition again, I would not take her to the vet.  She had been so traumatized by the experiences that I thought she might die when we got home.  I decided then that I would never put her through something like that if she was so sick again.

On August 1, I kept that promise.  I called a local service that sends a qualified veterinarian to the home to perform the euthanasia procedure in peace and comfort for the animal.  The price was about $130.00 more than to have the procedure done in my veterinarian's office.  It was well worth the extra cost.  The service sent a wonderful lady vet who was very loving and tender with Sara, who explained to me everything she was doing, who wanted to hear about my relationship with Sara, and who gave me the time I needed petting Sara and loving on her before the procedure got underway.  It was quiet, it was as comfortable as such a thing can be, and it was calm for Sara.  And while I knew I would miss Sara, I am very glad I did not let her linger when the medication did not make a difference in her condition.   

After Sara had passed and the veterinarian had left, I brought my other cat into the room and let her sit by Sara's body for a bit, to sniff and gaze, so she could understand that Sara was gone.  We go along together now without our little friend and family member.

I brought Sara's body to the farm of a wonderful friend, and he buried her for me as I sang to her.  It was a beautiful time just before a golden sunset on the fields.  There were gnats in the air, but my friend was blessedly patient and I did not draw things out at all.  So while Sara's little body rests under wide skies and colors, her spirit soars in joy.  She was always a cheerful cat. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

After A Long Time Away...

I am back again.  Transforming...

It's been a very interesting few months, a time of some heavy-duty changes and inner transformations.  It's been a time of great blessing as I have received much tender caring from friends old and new.  It's been a time of intense meditation, prayer, and doing the work required when one is seeking spiritual connection, answers, and tools to live by.  Working at it is necessary because what is sought requires more of a person than who that person was at the starting point.  Work strengthens. There is no other way to get there than by doing the work in the journey.

I have been spending as much time in nature as I can.  Nature is one of life's Great Healers, Great Rejuvenators, Great Friends.  Several days per week I spend hours among the flowers, trees, grasses. I am there in both sunshine and rain, does not matter to me.  My time spent in the natural world has been amazing -- very cleansing of old inner junk that needs to go.

I am happy to say that the decision I made so many months ago is still firm in my soul, and it is one of the best decisions I ever made.  It proves to be increasingly valuable and helpful.

Something new...

Tomorrow, July 12, I start a new journey of discovery, healing, and again building my life.  I am quite nervous about it, but I am relieved and proud as well.  I did the work necessary to reach this place and go the next level.  I am ready.  Ready does not have to be synonymous with brave.  I don't feel so brave, just ready.  I know I need this gift of grace and I am accepting it, and I am beyond grateful to have the help and guidance I will need.

For now, a photo of one of my sweet nature havens:

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blessed Day

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  I hope you are all enjoying the spring season.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Holy Moly and Tasty Tuesday

March has certainly come in like a lion.  The wind has been wildly blowing for a couple of days now, and I am surprised I have not seen trees or animals flying by.  Prior to yesterday was actually warm and humid to the point of being uncomfortable, but the wind has taken care of that.  Brrrr.

For today's Tasty Tuesday, I am sharing a yummy and satisfying hot vegetable casserole with the main attraction:

Layered Hot Dish

1 large package of frozen broccoli and cauliflower
1 can cream of celery soup (do not add water)
1 8-ounce jar of Cheez Whiz
1 can sliced water chestnuts
1 can French fried onion rings 

Layer ingredients in greased casserole dish according to the order listed above.  The French fried onion rings will go on the top.  Bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  I cover the casserole for the first 30 minutes of baking and then remove cover and bake for the remaining 15 minutes so onions can get crunchy.

A nice hot comforting dish to compliment a main dish, or you can have this as a meal in itself if you prefer.