Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Items I Made for the Show

I remembered this time!

Here are some photos of items I made for the show I was part of.

First, some little journals upcycled into a chic and shabby, vintage style.  I used old book pages to cover the booklet covers, then some ink and some pretty acrylic stamps I had, some pearl flat backs, and some lace ribbon. I made 33 of these, and I have to tell you, they are surprisingly labor-intensive.

Next is a photo showing 3 of the bookmarks I made.  These are of course intended to be used with actual books.  The ribbon goes inside the pages to be marked and the charms dangle out of each end.

I made two lengths, one for larger books, one for smaller.

And finally, a few of the rings I made.

I will be offering these and other items for sale either on Facebook, Etsy, or eBay starting this coming Saturday, November 19.  I will post an update on this blog then as to where you can go to purchase if you like.  I will also update my Facebook business page, which you can go to by clicking the button to it in the upper left.

Have a great evening.  I am off to finish cooking my cabbage soup.

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