Friday, October 7, 2016

Finding Abundance Right Outside Your Door

I tried a few times to write an article to go along with this entry, but writing about it is not really getting the point across.  Anxiety levels are running high for me this year (just part of anxiety disorder, which often operates on its own set of rules, often without actual cause).  One way I am helping myself to move past those anxious moments and bringing enjoyment into my life is by visiting a local park every day (alternating parks as I have several of them near me).  

Autumn is my favorite season. I love trees any time -- but most especially when the air is cool and there is a breeze to flutter the leaves, which are sounding a bit more crackly than they did in the summer.  Spending time enjoying my favorite season in the glory of the outdoors each day is a very abundant experience for me.  It brings me peace and helps me get over the anxious bumps in my day and keep moving on tasks when I return home rather than allowing myself to become bogged down and non-productive.  It's easy and free (except for the bit of gas used driving there)  It's been lovely, and I am grateful.

Sometimes a very minor activity that does not cost much if anything and is very easy to do can make a lot of difference in our perspective on life, can pour some abundance into our laps, can make us smile from the inside out.

Sharing some of the tree photos I took while at the park yesterday (yes, the sky deep above was that blue):

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