Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Photos of My Christmas Wreath

I completed my Christmas wreath just a while ago.  

All the materials I used came from one of my favorite stores, the glorious Dollar Tree, with the exception of the ribbon used to hang it.  I had some ribbon from the Dollar Tree, but it was too wide to look good, so I had to improvise on that, using items I had in my ribbon drawer.

I chose the colors of silver and red mostly because by the time I went to pick up the items (and I went in November), the Christmas decor items were pretty well picked over.  

The really fun part of making this was taking some of the items apart and fashioning them to work in ways I needed.  Also, rather than using a wreath form as the base, I just used a Dollar Tree 15-foot garland and left it rolled up, using floral wire in a couple of places to keep it from unrolling.  I don't like using forms, so this was a good alternative for me.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos.  I did not take photos of it hanging on my door because the lighting is so dim in our hallway where I live, and it is so hard to get a good photo.  So you all are seeing it when it was still on my art desk.

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